On the Issues

Fixing Flooding

Upon taking office in January, I will be committed  to flooding as my first priority. We can not wait 15 years, we need to fix flooding NOW.

Sea-level rise, coupled with soil subsidence, compounded with changing weather patterns, makes flooding the existential threat to the Virginia Beach we all know and love.


We are just beginning to understand the financial and land use planning challenges will require of us to adapt to mitigate.  We need to accelerate the elimination of the backlog in canal, ditch and retention pond maintenance.

We need to fully fund routine maintenance to preserve the design capacity of existing drainage systems.

We need additional funding, to increase the capability to discharge storm water and mitigate tidal flooding, as part of long-term plan with incremental annual investments with a mix of debt and cash. We need to update our building codes and new road construction standards to build in margin for the long-term impact of sea level rise and soil subsidence

Public Safety Pay Compression

1. Pay compression. 3 million is only a first step. I want to fix it completely fully support a commission to study a new fair pay scale for the department. 

2. PBA needs more recognition for what they do. The community needs to know about the great job the board does. 

3. Morale issues: I want to find out what causes it; I suspect pay compression is contributing. I’m aware we are losing good police officers to federal agencies 

4. I am aware the Chief has authorized overtime at the oceanfront on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. Is overtime an issue? I’m also aware the department head looked at the tip fund for extra money. If it’s an issue how do we fix it? I realize we’re short staffed, I’m going to work to make overtime available during the next budget process

5. Make sure vehicles are of highest quality and well maintained 

Attracting New Small & Large Businesses

Eliminate the barriers on capital investments that restrict private sector job growth - Eliminate  the Business and Professional Occupational License Tax (BPOL tax)  Phase out the Business Personal Property Tax .

Consolidate departments to make it easier on new businesses to open here in Virginia Beach

Eliminate new non-level playing field subsidies and be active for more minority contractors for bidding.

Be very aggressive , in tourism growth policies and procedures

With Eric Wray on Virginia Beach City Council, our city will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS. 

Control City Spending

In Virginia Beach, we really don't have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem.  We have to reign in erroneous spending.

The City’s debt policy has two principal factors that set a policy limit on debt issuance. That the City’s debt servicing cost not exceed Ten Percent of its annual operating budget and that the City’s issued debt not exceed $3,000 per capita.

As the cost of issuing debt increases, as actions by the Federal Reserve drive up the ten-year and thirty-year Treasure notes influenced by the Federal Government’s trillion-dollar annual budget deficits, the City is already bumping along at Nine Percent and very close to Ten Percent for a couple years thus, in the future, will be policy constrained on this dimension.

Virginia Beach’s population is growing ever so very slowly; therefore, population growth is not going to add significantly to our ability to borrow independent of interest rates.


This is why the City’s available debt capacity, within its adopted policy, is the most constrained and limiting asset and must be reserved disproportionately for flood mitigation projects.

Free Oceanfront Parking for Beach Residents

I want to be the candidate that wants the Oceanfront welcoming to Beach residents. Many of our residents feel like its a hassle to utilize one of our precious resources. I feel, our parking garages should be free for our residents only. If we open up our parking to our residents at no charge; that will stimulate economic growth due to the fact our residents will use the Oceanfront more frequently.  This will help surrounding businesses and give our citizens a sense of ownership, as they view it as their tax dollars at work. 


Funding maintenance of our existing roads should be our first priority Improving our north-south roadways is a major priority for construction Improving the functioning of existing roads with longer turn lanes and synchronization of signals, is our top local priority for minor construction Local government not families must make the difficult choices to provide additional funding for transportation by spending reductions elsewhere, not by imposing tax increases